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What to Expect at Your Child’s First Visit

When you and your child walk through our doors, you’ll be greeted by our friendly team and a sleek, modern office, designed with fun in mind. Your little ones will be ready to play in our kids area, while your teens can check out our tech bar. The first visit is really to get you and your child comfortable with the dentist, so once they make it back to the operatory, what to expect can vary based on their age and stage of development. 

For example, infants who only have one or a few teeth will receive a dental exam so we can ensure that their teeth, gums, and bite are developing properly. We’ll also provide a gentle cleaning if necessary. For older children and teens, we’ll give them a thorough teeth cleaning as well as an exam. Dr. Stagg or Dr. Harris will then discuss their findings with you and your child, and make a game plan for further treatment if necessary.

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What to Bring to the Appointment

Coming prepared is a great way to expedite your child’s first visit to Pearwood Pediatric Dentistry. We suggest filling out their forms before you arrive for a more streamlined visit. It’s also important to have your child’s medical and dental history on hand, including a list of any medications they take, as well as any allergies they may have. We ask that you bring a form of payment, or give us a call at 281-481-2008 to discuss financing options with one of our helpful, knowledgeable team members. More than anything, we ask that you bring your smiles and your desire to give your child the gift of a lifetime of dental health.

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How to Prepare Your Child for Their Dental Visit

We find that preparing your child for their first dental visit is immensely helpful. For little ones, early appointments are the way to go, as children tend to be fresher and more alert, meaning they’re less likely to lose patience. If they are old enough, try to get them excited about going to the dentist, and give them some idea of what to expect while explaining the importance of the visit. Above all, provide them with moral support and comfort in an effort to reduce any anxieties or fears they may have about their visit. At Pearwood Pediatric Dentistry, we believe that to truly provide healthy smiles to our patients, working with our patient families as a team is more than beneficial, it’s essential!

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